RISCAPE workshop on global on-line probability based panels

One of the first uses of the RISCAPE report was immediately after the RISCAPE launch event, as many of the identified key initiatives (even if not strictly self-identifying as Research Infrastructures) from Social Sciences met in Amsterdam airport for a one and a half day workshop.

Discussion between key probability based survey initiatives bought up many complementarities, shared challenges and experiences. Such global collaboration in this field was clearly welcomed, and this event might be the start for new initiatives.

MERIL-2 Final Conference

The close cooperation with other projects and initiatives in the EU research infrastructures development is one of the RISCAPE priority in order to ensure consistency with the existing landscape work.

The 24th and 25th June 2019, Lisbon hosted the MERIL-2 final conference, a EU project aimed at creating an online source of scientific and policy relevant data on European research infrastructures.

We attended the event and we had the chance to discuss with few participants about the synergies between the two projects, RISCAPE and MERIL.