Work Packages

The RISCAPE project consists of 11 work packages (WP). The WPs 1 and 2 are the central services for the disciplinary WPs 3−10. WP 11 is management and dissemination.

WP 1: Stakeholder interaction and Quality Assurance
WP leader: APRE, Daniela Mercurio
Participating: University of Helsinki, ICOS ERIC, PIN scrl
Tasks: To create and maintain the Stakeholder Panel interaction with the RISCAPE project. To organize the project Quality Assurance via organizing an independent Peer Review.

WP 2: Common Methods and Consistency
WP leader: ESS ERIC, Lorna Ryan
Participating: University of Helsinki, APRE
Tasks: To develop the RISCAPE Common Methodologies. To manage the consistency of the RISCAPE report.

WP 3: Landscape analysis of pan-European infrastructures to the environmental international initiatives
WP leader: ICOS ERIC, Emmanuel Salmon

WP 4: Landscape analysis the international biomedical RIs and initiatives
WP leader: ECRIN ERIC, Christine Kubiak

WP 5: Landscape analysis of the international Physics and engineering RIs
WP leader: The Institut Laue-Langevin, William Sterling, Kurt Clausen

WP 6: Energy RI Landscape analysis
WP leader: University of Turku, Jari Kaivo-oja

WP 7: Landscape analysis of the international astronomical and astro-particle RIs and similar initiatives
WP leader: ASTRON, Rene Vermeulen

WP8: Social Sciences Landscape
WP leader: ESS ERIC, Rory Fitzgerald

WP 9: Landscape analysis the international Cultural Heritage, Digital Humanities and Language RIs and initiatives
WP leader: PIN scrl, Franco Niccolucci

WP 10: Landscape analysis of international e-infrastructure initiatives
WP leader: EGI.EU, Roberta Piscitelli

WP 11: Management and dissemination
WP leader: ICOS ERIC, Ari Asmi