RISCAPE report

The RISCAPE report consists of the Main report and Appendices. The Consolidated report has all of the Appendices included.

Note that all errata are published in the relevant Appendices of the section.

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Asmi, Ari, Ryan, Lorna, Salmon, Emmanuel, Kubiak, Christine, Battaglia, Serena, Förster, Miriam, Dupré, Julie, Walter, Hannah, Stirling, William G., Clausen, Kurt, Knudsen, Mikkel, Ferreira-Aulu, Marianna, Shabanova-Danielyan, Elizaveta, Wang, Weiqing, Luukkanen, Jyrki, Kaivo-oja, Jari, Baldovin, Carla, Timmer, Marjan, van der Meer, Rob, Vermeulen, Rene, Versic, Ivana, Niccolucci, Franco, Sipos, Gergely, Piscitelli, Roberta and Sundet, Jostein: International Research Infrastructure Landscape 2019, Available at www.riscape.eu, doi:10.5281/zenodo.3539254, 2019.

Consolidated report (includes the appendices)

Main report


RISCAPE questionnaire

Appendix for Environmental RIs

Appendix for Health and Food RIs

Appendix for Physics RIs

Appendix for Energy RIs

Appendix for Astronomy and Astroparticle RIs

Appendix for Social Sciences RIs

Appendix for Heritage Sciences, Digital Humanities and Language RIs

Appendix for E-Infrastructures